Some Boozy Summer (missed calls (3​)​)

from by lost coastlines

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street howling, we left the show go to luke’s house
his new roommate’s always got the best cocaine
gotta move my car on the way
by the time you’re here, i can’t say where we’ll be
but all i’m doing now is looking for steven

shit hidden, we head up gratton now to luke’s house
keep moving is the only thing to do
carrier here still kills time
though we might lose touch, i hope you’re still alright
but every sound rings out, you wouldn’t believe it

loose balcony squeeze our way inside of luke’s house
slurred company hand in hand we move
feels good to be home at night the same faces in every campus light with circles stretching out,
good people forever

name doesn’t seem to run out too far anyway
shit suburb now from there to here to move
from open windows now to soupy cords
to whappy dogs and fleshy omnivores
from Edenville At Large
to Eternity Elsewhere

a body to motion to body to motion
to city to motion to city to motion
to body to motion to body to motion
an endgame a timeline an endgame a timeline
to body to motion a body to motion
to city to motion to city to body
to city to body
to flatline


from oh jane is there no more frontier?, released March 30, 2016




lost coastlines Norfolk, Virginia

hothands in a wet blanket

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