oh jane is there no more frontier?

by lost coastlines

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exhausting the possibilities we dissoolve into fictions our days pushing into out from indefinite ends unprecedented encompassing breadth from berlin to virginia colliding taut beneath a sheet in the passengers seat last night brainlessly making changes to window's view rattling past present future on and on and on and on


released March 30, 2016

drums by spencer carl




lost coastlines Norfolk, Virginia

hothands in a wet blanket

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Track Name: with you
low-key fingers crossed at bus stops grit-teeth months approached in single swing, easing in gaps of least resistance late, but falling fast into distance i cannot bridge
loose notes and tangled bits of paper now club bracelets winded upward motion leaves foggy, and river side indifferently in self/less spats interspersed at troubling speeds

no you say
your shit is simple//please calm down//you’ll be home so soon (x100)
when all i wanna do is be with you

as if the present is too troubling barraged by end-of-line indignity sprawling and patchy open field at night terrified, detached from all that i knew at home
a move to reconcile my tongue at best--linguistic shuddering detached from things internal paper thin transparency of eye beneath the shortest judgement, i am not spared

but it all fades
inky grasps at all the things i wish i’d say
with i miss you covering every page
Track Name: Some Boozy Summer (missed calls (3))
street howling, we left the show go to luke’s house
his new roommate’s always got the best cocaine
gotta move my car on the way
by the time you’re here, i can’t say where we’ll be
but all i’m doing now is looking for steven

shit hidden, we head up gratton now to luke’s house
keep moving is the only thing to do
carrier here still kills time
though we might lose touch, i hope you’re still alright
but every sound rings out, you wouldn’t believe it

loose balcony squeeze our way inside of luke’s house
slurred company hand in hand we move
feels good to be home at night the same faces in every campus light with circles stretching out,
good people forever

name doesn’t seem to run out too far anyway
shit suburb now from there to here to move
from open windows now to soupy cords
to whappy dogs and fleshy omnivores
from Edenville At Large
to Eternity Elsewhere

a body to motion to body to motion
to city to motion to city to motion
to body to motion to body to motion
an endgame a timeline an endgame a timeline
to body to motion a body to motion
to city to motion to city to body
to city to body
to flatline
Track Name: liver
tell all my friends i am not what they have been through
tell my lil liver that i’m sorry

raincheck at night when i don’t have cash to pay for
our taxi to your door
but you don’t mind

turbulent spins and the sleeve stains
three composite blends, muffled roar overwhelming
flaking out through time
but you don’t mind
Track Name: yr organ
upright, eyes closed everything so delicately planted without second thoughts becoming routine
head to chin in all our cheesy afterwards forward with force of TV memories in time furling out so carefully
with our days still spread out

christmas lights draped over bedroom canopy
still splitting it as it comes, still reciprocal all our shit soon tangled like its nothing, racing towards the center of it petrified, fearful of the complicated tendencies, pulling from proof of all my shittiness, accepted with a reassuring platitude
yet our days still spread out
Track Name: moon
you go to work at night aching to somebody else’s ends and we build up steam from the week to wanna drink at the bar on a wednesday
you get off work now at ten i i lay in your twin bed till then whigging out at the moon overhead

we laugh in the culdesack telling off you new boss in honda subcompact and even in our big fantasies we’re still employed, settled down, pushing onward
driving out to stephen’s last show, never saying this shit anymore rolling on beneath the moon here as one

stuck in my apartment now, regretting all of the leveled costs of the dumb move i made here how the hell could i possibly think that heading out on my own would feel powerful?
slurring off in this bed that i’ve made (ad)mitting first hand to complacency sounding like sarah’s moon overhead
Track Name: home as three
carpet meets wood follow the seams out of living woom heavy unease scribbling out *several* *hundred* thousand apologies

severed routine, nodding to frontman’s thundering relief all things complete we wait for someone defensively, aggressively, mocking our sentimental shit, calling himself your boyfriend

heart pacing streets unfurling edges at thoughts of things
from all our strength to leave
from every embarrassing
sloppy dumb party routine
to walking home as three

stay out till five, two frozen stacks of the kindest eyes = every good thing superimposed here unwavering transience, let everything for once, circumstantially, come to work out for me? please? from walking home as three?