changes - ep

by lost coastlines

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some of these songs may be re-recorded for an lp later this summer. all songs were written and recorded in my bedroom.


released May 24, 2013




lost coastlines Norfolk, Virginia

hothands in a wet blanket

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Track Name: you deserve better
today i left the apartment
in search of what i need
to find some comfort in your eyes
or the thought of them at least
but the only thing i find inside
this lingering hello
is the thought you might be letting go

well sometimes
i get so anxious i get sick
sometimes i got those people
that try to help me fix
this internalized complex
thats ruining my mind
can it really all just be inside

well i am just a poor boy
though my stories seldom told
and every night i play these songs
even when you don't come home
no matter how i write or sing
or sketch your false veneer
you never will be here again
and i'm trying not to think of that
but i know most nights you regret coming back
you deserve so much better than that
Track Name: 5:42am
had to sleep in my car three nights ago
that parking garage
never felt so much like home

and watching the cars on the highway
wondering where my youth has gone
i keep thinking about the sound of your voice
as rocks brush over the edges

my hair's getting long again
i wish you were here
to cut it off
like you always said you would

but time holds these strands
these postcards and photographs
they're all I've got of you
Track Name: moving on
this hourly wage
promising future prospects
of uncharted days
and momentary problems
and you only bother
to speak conveniently
i sit and process
the people and places i see
in you

well every time
i see you at parties
you're still conceited
i guess things will never change
i miss the moments
we spoke of living together
that little apartment
cooking our meals together

i can't imagine
loving anyone more tonight
you took all my reasons
and threw them into the empty